Oak Terrace Senior Living Testimonials

I just wanted to say my family placed our vote for Oak Terrace.  In truth, it doesn't matter to me the outcome.  I have been so appreciative of your care and management of my mom, Betty's livelihood.

I know you were proactive in arranging and advocating for the Compassionate Care Giver Program for your residents.  I want you to know what a difference and possibly live saving it has been for my mom's wellbeing and health.  As you know Stacy, we could communicate back and forth with early signs and symptoms if something was a bit off with mom and quickly get it treated.  I also appreciate you all individualizing a plan of care for her and knowing if I just get her outside for fresh air what a difference that has made.  I know my schedule hasn't been easy to work with traveling from the Cities and needing some weekend visits.

Know that there are many more thoughts of appreciation that I haven't expressed but wish you to know.

Thanks for the GRAND work!


Daughter of Resident

I wanted to tell you, nurses,  staff and everyone else that helped take care of Mom how wonderful they all are. Through the three years and 2 months that Mom was there I have been impressed and comforted about the care that Mom received at Oak Terrace. The nurses and aids have always treated Mom with respect and showed her their love and care. This past week I got to be with her in her final days.  I saw the gals in action.  I always prayed that she would have loving hands and kind hearts taking care of her  and my prayer had been answered.  They were all wonderful.  I did complete the survey for the best Nursing home in Mankato,  I hope I did it right because I truly do believe you are. Thank you and everyone in your nursing home that did make Mom’s last few years fun and happy!

God Bless you and your staff.

Vicki, Kevin & Family

Family of resident